Peter in the Navy 0,5 Lt.

Peter in the Navy 0,5 Lt.

Navy Strenght Gin

57,00 TAX inc.



Way before it was ever possible to gauge the alcohol volume of any drink the Royal Navy was forced to solve this problem: making sure that gunpowder remain inflammable even if a barrel of gin were to brake during transport. During the times of cannon balls and muskets, wet gunpowder was tantamount to a death sentence during battle.

The label “Navy Strength” indicated therefore an alcoholic drink safe to transport on their ships and placed only on those barrels that would pass this empirical test: after immersing a few gunpowder granules in ether gin or rum, these would be set on fire.

This Navy gauging system was used up until 1890 and to this day, it indicates a distillate with an alcohol percentage above 57,15%. PETER IN THE NAVY maintains all its aromatic characteristics and balances the superior alcohol gradation with the freshness of its botanicals.