Extra virgin olive oil

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0,50l bottle

Frantoio 80%
Moraiolo 20%
Harvested by hand, directly from the tree

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LABEL:“Laudemio Tenuta Bossi” Extra Virgin Olive Oil
PRODUCTION ZONE: The Villa Bossi Estate, at an altitude of 200 to 300 meters above sea level, with 32.5 hectares of specialized olive groves
TYPOLOGY: Extra virgin olive oil
COLOUR: Bright green tinged with emerald
ODOUR:First intense, then mellowing to herbaceous tones
TASTE: Strong at first impact, with mildly spicy aftertaste
HARVESTED:By hand, directly from the tree in November
PRESSING and EXTRACTION: Continuous process at low temperature
USED FOR: Salads, vegetable dishes
OLIVE VARIETIES: Frantoio 80%, Moraiolo 20%
ADDITIONAL INFO:The oil is strained through cotton as soon as it is produced, to keep its special characteristics intact for long periods.